Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively's First Date Sounds Adorably Awkward

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are happily married and parents to their little girl James, but when they first met, on the set of?Green Lantern, neither of them were exactly single.

When the movie began filming, Reynolds had been married to Scarlet Johannson since 2008, though they would soon announce their divorce midway through filming. Around the same time, every teenage girl's Serena-Dan fantasy?came crumbling down when Blake Lively split from her?Gossip Girl? co-star Penn Badgley. Coincidental breakups aside, the two never got together until late in 2011 and even then they more or less stumbled across their chemistry.

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 12: Actors Penn Badgley and Blake Lively attend the after party for the premiere of "The Stepfather" at the Gramercy Park Hotel on October 12, 2009 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

"We were buddies then." said Reynolds at the recent premiere of his new movie Deadpool. They found themselves both single for the first time since they had met and did what any great friend would do - set them up with someone else! "We went on a double date. She was on a date with another guy and I was on a date with another girl." he reveals.

"That was the most awkward date from?their perspective probably because we were just like fireworks coming across," Reynolds remembers, laughing. "It was weird at first but we were buddies for a long time. I think the best way to have a relationship is to start as friends." Bless.

The two didn't take long realising what was going on and they got married in what has to be the world's most secretive wedding in September 2012, living a quiet, idyllic-sounding life in Connecticut. Since the birth of their first child in December 2014, the two have kept a very low profile, only the odd time reminding us of how cute they are through the medium of Instagram.


On another, equally adorable note, Reynolds also spoke about how completely smitten he is with his little girl. Reynolds has always been slightly embarrassed talking about her, partly because he knows how celebrities tend to fawn over their offspring, "like 'my child is the only one that has ever exited a womb out, ever.'" - his words not ours! However he does confess, "I truly worship that kid. It's terrible. She has me so far wrapped around her finger it's dumb. She says 'dada' and I will walk through a cement wall to get to her."

If you aren't swooning right now you are made of stone. STONE!

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