Ryan Gosling's Family Thinks Rachel McAdams Was 'The One'

Remember when Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams were a real-life couple, and found love just like they did in our favourite romantic film of all time, The Notebook? Sorry, silly question. None of us will ever forget that, or the fact that we shed quite a few tears when they said adieu for good. And yes, we know they've both happily moved on since - McAdams was in a long-term relationship with actor Michael Sheen and has been linked to other co-stars and Gosling had a baby daughter with Eva Mendes - but they were perfect for one another. Their love was literally straight from the movie; they detested each other at the beginning, and then bam, feel in love just like that. They remained a couple from 2005 to 2008.

And obviously we weren't the only fangirls who thought so. Ryan Gosling's nearest and dearest - more specifically, his uncle - has also spoken about how he felt?McAdams was the one who got away. While we're unsure about family members of celebrities speaking out about their former flames, we think he's hit the nail on the head in this case.?Gosling's uncle, Kevin told Heat Magazine:

"It sure seemed like Rachel was The One for him," he'said, also revealing that he had fond memories of McAdams. How could you not be fond of her, though?

"We really liked her. We got to spend an evening with her, three or four hours," he recalled. "We sat drinking beers with her until two in the morning laughing all the time. She didn't seem like a movie star at all. It was amazing how comfortable we were, just sitting around the kitchen table, talking. We're going to see her new movie Spotlight because we still like her, she's a great actress. Why didn't it work out? We don't really know." ?We don't know why either, Kevin.


While we mourn the glorious romance that was, there is good news on the horizon as a TV adaptation of the 2004 film is reportedly in the works. ?And also, we'll have the below clip to remind us of how great their pairing really was, which, thanks to the glorious invention of the internet, will never go away.


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