Hosting a royal wedding viewing party today? This drinking game will add to the fun

Today’s the day! After all the hype and the hysteria, all the scandals and speculations, Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle in a royal wedding that's sure to go down in history.

Frankly, one cannot contain one’s excitement.

If you have invited a gang over to watch the wedding and dissect all the details then allow us to be so bold as to suggest adding an extra element of fun to the occasion. Our suggestion? The inclusion of a specially-curated Royal Wedding Drinking Game, ideal for the poshest of Pimms/ prosecco-drinkers alike!

So fill your glasses up, sit your bottoms down, and start educating your guests on the rules and regulations of this merriest of games. Feel free to adapt the forfeits to your group’s preferences.


  • One must hold their pinky finger up in the air every time one consumes a beverage
  • All attendees must curtsey before entering or leaving the room (even when one feels the urge to utilise the lavatory)
  • All attendees shall be addressed by Sir or Madam for the duration of the ceremony
  • All in attendance must consume a beverage every time the word “fairytale” is said by a commentator
  • All attendees must shout “Good Charlotte!” every time Princess Charlotte appears on screen, and “Oi Charlie!” whenever Prince Charles comes on screen. Those who fail to do so must consume a beverage
  • The host must have party poppers at the ready and distribute them so that their guests may release them at the very moment when Harry and Meghan kiss, upon being pronounced “man and wife”
  • Clink the glass of the person next to you when a homage is paid to HRH Princess Diana

Place your bets…

  • How long shall it take for Meghan to get from her car to the top of the aisle?
  • What will Meghan's dress be like?
  • Which guest shall be the best/ worst-dressed?

(The person with the most incorrect answer must consume a beverage)

Bonus points for the first person who spots...

  • Kate Middleton shushing Prince George or Princess Charlotte.
  • A Spice Girl.
  • Prince Philip falling asleep.


Main photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

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