Rose McGowan On Sexism: ?I Feel Pity For The Stupid Idiots I Deal With?

Hollywood actress and former Charmed star Rose McGowan has said she's sick of dealing with sexism and a lack of creativity in the entertainment industry. Here is a talented woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Remember when she called out Adam Sandler's movie for its obviously sexist casting call sheet for females? She was subsequently ?fired? by her agents for the move, but this hasn't stopped her from wanting to speak out about the issue.

McGowan is taking part in projects and fundraising initiatives aimed at highlighting the need for women to be fully inclusive in society, and she says that everyone - both men and women - need to be aware of this for change to happen.

?It is important for all of us to take on the status quo. Because if we don't, it is never going to change,? she told the Hollywood Reporter. ?I am involved in the #Yesallwomen campaign because it is exactly what it is - yes, all women - and it's time that we're heard and it's time that we count, more importantly.?

?There's a lot of people saying, ?Yes, we're very aware of this as a problem.? I don't really care about your awareness. I care about you actually doing something. Your awareness - I can't take that to the bank. Neither can any other women. And neither can men because they are all stuck in this societal role. I feel bad for them a lot of the time. I literally feel pity for a lot of the stupid idiots that I have to deal with,? she added.


In her latest interview, the actress had some empowering words to say about living up to the often superficial demands of Hollywood and how she was tired of feeling second rate to a male on film sets.

?What I get on the side is abuse on sets,? she explained. ?[I thought] what am I doing this for? Who am I doing this for? Cause I am no longer willing to take a man's limit of imagination and be of service to it. Not unless it's better. Not unless it's smarter. Not unless it's stronger.? With this in mind, the star said she was now taking on her own projects and working on her own terms.

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We applaud McGowan for speaking out about an issue that is at the forefront in Hollywood at the moment. She joins a line of talented, inspiring women - Kirsten Stewart, Emma Thompson and Miley Cyrus to name a few - who are making their voices heard and who want sexism to stop. It's worth noting that?quite a few?men want it to stop as well.

When asked if she thought speaking out would affect her future career opportunities, McGowan had this to say: ?No. I don't care. I could care less. It's them that should be worried.?

I am no longer willing to take a man's limit of imagination and be of service to it. Not unless it's better. Not unless it's smarter. Not unless it's stronger. - Rose McGowan


?You [The Hollywood Reporter] report on women on what they wear before you report on what their accomplishments are. You guys are a part of this problem,? she added. (Fellow celebrities like the amazing Amy Poehler are taking steps to stop this).

Hopefully, McGowan's strong words will inspire women that are victim to sexism to follow suit and demand the equality that should be rightfully theirs.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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