Rose McGowan Calls Out Adam Sandler For Sexism

Hollywood actress and Charmed (RIP) star Rose McGowan called out the rather sexist casting call for Adam Sandler's new movie on Twitter.

The actress decided to post the casting notes that came with the script she got, where women were asked to wear a dark form-fitting tank top and leggings or jeans. The note also contained this dispiriting detail: ?push up bras encouraged?.

Imagine getting into the movie industry after years of arguing about Citizen Kane with other geeks and then being asked to write a flat-out sexist spec.

Here's McGowan's tweet in full:


For some reason, we don't think Adam Sandler's character will have to live up to such superficial demands.

While Hollywood's reputation isn't exactly that of a Gloria Steinem-run utopia, it's still rather disappointing to see women reduced to ?form fitting? silhouettes with cleavage.

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