Rosamund Pike Talks Relationships

Are we expecting too much from our romantic relationships? Are we putting too much pressure on our other halves, unbeknownst to ourselves, to fulfill all of our needs when really, they're just one person? And have we become all too dependent on our partners, such that they become a limb that we cannot live without?

Star of Gone Girl, Rosamund Pike, seems to think so, and we'd have to agree. Pike gave quite the career defining performance as the sociopathic Amy in Gone Girl (if you've yet to see it, stop reading, book your cinema tickets and go), and given the theme of the movie, much of the press around its promotion has brought up questions about relationships, what makes them work and what might lead to less extreme versions of the movie's plot.

In an interview with the Spectrum Magazine, Rosamund (who's been with her partner Robie Uniacke for years with one kid and another on the way) gave her thoughts on where most of us go wrong.

Rosamund Pike.

?People have ridiculous expectations of a mate. In my grandmother's day, you wouldn't expect your husband to fulfill the same need in you as your sister, or girlfriends, or colleagues at work. You'd have different needs met by different people.?

?Now we want all our needs met by one person, and I don't believe that's possible. Or rather, it is, but I don't think it's universally achievable. I do think separation is key to a relationship. I go out with my partner and we are put next to each other - there's a feeling of, ?What, you don't think we can't operate without each other?? I don't need him as a crutch. Of course, he's the person I want to go home with but he's not necessarily the person I want to sit next to. I'd rather meet someone new, and he would too.? Would you?


Do you find you're always put together with your partner? Do you make room for separation within your relationship?

Share your thoughts below.

Gone Girl is in cinemas now.


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