Ronda Rousey Isn't Happy Her Image Was Photoshopped

The topic of celebrity airbrushing has been causing a stir lately. It seems certain figures in the public eye are no longer willing to accept a retouched version of themselves fronting a magazine cover - they want their true selves revealed, wrinkles and all. From Kate Winslet, Zendaya Coleman, Keira Knightley to Lena Dunham, they are all about spreading the positive message: flaws are normal and part of what make us uniquely beautiful.

Leading UFC fighter?Ronda Rousey is the latest celebrity to denounce the airbrushing of her images. She posted an?image to Instagram ?that was intended to promote her appearance on Jimmy Fallon. However, she soon took to the photo-sharing app to apologise, once she realised the image had been altered - without her consent.

This goes against everything I believe, and I am extremely proud of every inch of my body.

"I have to make an apology to everyone - I was sent a picture to share on social for Fallon that was altered without me knowing to make my arms look smaller. I won't say by who - I know it was done with severely misplaced positive intentions - but this goes against everything I believe and I am extremely proud of every inch of my body. And I can assure you all it will never happen again. I could not be more appalled and hope you all forgive me."

It's been an emotional week for the star, who spoke out about her struggle to cope after she lost a professional match to?Holly Holm.


You really can't blame the athlete for missing the changes right off; they were subtle. But her arms and general frame were clearly made thinner, as you'll see from?Rousey's image below:

We say fair play to her for calling it out. And considering she covers Sports Illustrated this month as part of their ground-breaking Swimsuit Issue, we're hoping that as little manipulation as possible was done in that case also. Because as actress Keira Knightly once said: "It does feel important to say it really doesn't matter what shape you are."

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