Robert Pattinson Talks About K-Stew

He's back, raring to go, and ready to talk about Kristen Stewart...

Stop what you're doing, put down the rice cakes, stick that wagon looking for favours every four minutes on hold. Robert Pattinson, the devastatingly handsome, painfully affable and impossible-not-to-like actor has FINALLY spoken about that scandal with his ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

And by that scandal, we're referring to the time she decided to rebel against what was expected of her by having a full blown affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director (who had a wife and kids *gasp*), Rupert Sanders. The wagon.

In an awkward yet endearing manner so typical of the young British actor whose success will live far beyond the blood-sucking mania of Twilight, Robert Pattinson uttered actual words on the subject during an in-depth interview with Esquire, for which he graces the new issue's cover.


(Photo from Esquire)

We could write a tome to rival that of Ulysses on the reasons why Pattinson deserves to be held in high regard (not just for the fact that he looks as though he was carved by angels), but we'll save that for a rainy day and, instead, cut right to the chase.

"Sh*t happens, you know?? he says to the interviewer."It's just young people? it's normal! And honestly, who gives a sh*t??

Well, he has a point but unfortunately for Pattinson, quite a lot of people did.

"The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can't predict," he says. "It's like that scene in?Doubt [2008, in which Philip Seymour Hoffman plays a priest suspected of inappropriate behaviour], where he's talking about how to take back gossip? They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky, and you've got to go and collect all the feathers."

What is it about celebrity scandals that piques such a keen interest, do you think?


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