The rise of the newsletter (and why we love them so much)

After the run of data scandals that have taken place of late, many social media platforms have found themselves experiencing an unprecedented drop in followers, with none more so than social media supergiant, Facebook. But without social media, how are we supposed to keep up to date with the latest news; chuckle over hilarious videos; enjoy insightful thought pieces and find out about local events? With newsletters, that’s how.

Newsletters are snapshot e-zines that arrive to your email address on a weekly or daily basis once you sign up for them. They are the epitome of curated content; a selection of only the best bits of information and entertainment that a brand or person is willing to stand over. While social media was a stream of constant videos, memes and rants, with things cropping up on your feed often only because your weird aunt or distant acquaintance had liked it, newsletters ensure that you only consume content that you have specifically signed up to receive.

These days everyone from news broadcasters to fashion websites, authors, podcasters, bloggers and even supermarkets are getting in on the newsletter craze. And it's the reader who benefits from these cocktails of  information, indulgence and entertainment.

There is much to love about a good newsletter, especially when it comes to time- their edit saves you time and you have the power to choose when to read them, be it late on a Monday evening, leisurely on a midweek lunch break or as part of a lazy Sunday afternoon treat. The “blink and you miss it” model has no place as far as newsletters are concerned, now that it’s in your inbox it’s not going anywhere.

So allow us to raise a metaphorical glass to newsletters; may they continue to entertain and delight us, and may the ping of their arrival into our email inbox forever bring about feelings of pleasure.   


Our favourite newsletters right now...

For fashion & beauty

Who What Wear

Emerald Street

Byrdie Beauty

For latest news & entertainment


The Irish Times

The Guardian

Dublin Free Event Guide


Next Draft


For modern culture



The Pool



For something different



Tim Ferriss

Bored Panda

For interesting long reads

Brain Pickings

Refinery 29



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Photo credit: Nicole Honeywill, Unsplash

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