Rihanna Bond Girl

Looks like the next Bond movie's about to get a whole lot racier as Rihanna, queen of the provocative, is said to be in line for the theme.
Not only is she rumoured to be introducing us to Bond 24 with her Bajan vocals, we can also expect her to appear in the movie in a very small role. But if her appearance in Battleship was anything to go by, perhaps she should just stick at what she does best.

Speaking to Hollywood Life, a source revealed: "They are actually just looking for her to do the theme and the role would just be an added bonus. There have definitely been discussions of her joining the cast to be a Bond girl. But she will not be the most focused Bond girl if she gets the part." Read: she will appear on screen for all of two minutes in some jaw-dropping gown, only to be thrown off a yacht at high speed moments later. Well that's how it usually goes, isn't it?

Daniel Craig as James Bond.

"It will be more of a glorified cameo" the source added.

Bond will be back in action in the coming months as filming gets underway with Sam Mendes at the helm once more. As for an expected release date? We'll have to wait with bated breath for another opportunity to watch as Daniel Craig emerges from the sea, drops of water glistening on his pectorals as his teeny tiny speedos get even teeny tinier.


Ah, the joys of objectifying James Bond.

You can expect to see it sometime in late 2015.


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