Relationship therapist Esther Perel launches new podcast for couples living under lockdown

World-renowned relationship therapist and author Esther Perel is advising couples on the perils of living under lockdown

Self-isolation is a huge challenge for couples, at whatever stage of their relationship they may be at. Being cooped up together with little distraction or ways to get out of the house means that issues in your relationship now have a chance to bubble to the surface and cause friction.

If you're feeling the pressure in your relationship during this time, there are resources available to help you both navigate and pull through to the other side — and many of them are as easy as listening to a podcast.

Renowned relationship therapist and author Esther Perel is well-known for her podcast Where Should We Begin? which records real sessions that Perel has had with her clients, where they discuss every relationship issue from infidelity to low libido to sexuality and gender. Perel offers measured, practical answers to some of the couple's most pressing questions, and often, the couple experiences a breakthrough, however small, by the end of each episode.


And now, Perel has invested in the Covid-19 outbreak and how it is affecting couples who are living together under lockdown. Announcing a new limited series Where Should We Begin: Couples Under Lockdown, Perel will release each episode as a session between her and a couple who are having trouble living under self-isolation measures.

In the first episode, which is out now, Perel meets a couple from Sicily in Italy. They have been together for ten years, and have three young children together. According to the couple, they have been emotionally seperate for years, but have tried to maintain a relationship for the benefit of their children. However, now, as the lockdown in Italy continues, the couple has to deal with a host of new challenges.

Perel offers advice to the couple remotely, with the entire episode done completely online. If you have been missing Perel's wisdom and sage advice on relationships, now's your chance to dive back in.

Where Should We Begin? is on Spotify and iTunes now.

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