Rebel Wilson Warns About Safety After Her Drink Was Spiked

Between having the craic and banter on a well-deserved night on the town, it can be easy to forget things. You forget your phone (still at the bar), your lipstick (in the toilets - hopefully not physically) or your coat (left in the cloakroom?- RAGE). While upsetting, all these items can be retrieved?or bought again. What isn't worth forgetting, and for a much more serious reason, is to mind your drinks throughout the evening. While airing on the side of caution, none of us will want to assume every person who gives our table a second glance is up to something sinister, but it can be all too easy to adopt the 'that won't ever happen to me' mantra when it comes to the topic of drink spiking. Statistics for this in Ireland are unavailable, and cases are scarcely reported, but it happens.

Actress Rebel Wilson was victim to a horrid sounding case of apparent drink spiking while out with friends, and recounted her experience in a series of Tweets, so as to warn young women (and men too) to take extra caution and ensure they remain safe in this regard.

Although she hasn't specified where the spiking took place aside from a "trendy bar", the?How To Be Single?star used social media as a means of informing her fans about what had happened, and encouraging them?to be vigilant. She explained that she became disorientated?after only drinking a small amount of a drink she believed had been spiked, and revealed she had recovered?but reiterated that if anyone found themselves in a similar situation, not to shrug it off; act quickly and get yourself to safety.

Here are her tweets:



It all sounds very scary and is further proof that if a public figure - who will presumably have a team of people around them - can be targeted, it really can happen to anyone.

Stay safe and be careful.

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