Rebekah Vardy files paperwork to face Coleen Rooney in a £1million court case following online dispute

It has been reported that Rebekah Vardy has filed paperwork to launch a court case against Coleen Rooney following their online dispute

The quarrel between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy was one of the defining pop-cultural moments of last year.

And while it seemed that relations somewhat quietened between the pair, the drama has not stopped.

Rebekah Vardy has reportedly filed court papers against Coleen Rooney following their online dispute.


In October 2019, Coleen took to social media to accuse Rebekah of selling stories about her to the Sun newspaper. The tweet with the full story of Coleen's investigation and the infamous "It's .........Rebekah Vardy" line caused meltdown online and birthed thousands of memes.


However, Rebekah has always denied the allegations. According to reports, both women engaged in a video chat last month to try and reconcile their differences, but it did not fix things.

Now Rebekah has allegedly filed high court papers as part of a libel case against Coleen and the accusations she put forward about her.

The legal fees may reach £500,000 for each side.


A source told the Sun newspaper, "Becky has made it clear to Coleen that she is deadly serious about clearing her name, and wants a full public apology. It’s not about money. As far as Becky is concerned, she wants her costs and vindication."

“But since Coleen still refuses to agree to an apology, she’s gone ahead with filing the paperwork at the High Court."

“It’s a very expensive thing to do and the expectation is costs could run towards half a million pounds for each side but she’s completely determined to clear her name at any cost.”

The case is unlikely to reach a full court hearing until next year.

And so, the drama continues.

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