Ready For The Weekend

Un-sync those work emails and line up your #FridayFive

Today is polling day! Isn't democracy exciting? Isn't the fact people will stop shoving pamphlets through your door exciting? Anyway, once you've fulfilled your civic duty at all the quaint little polling stations peppered throughout the country, get planning your weekend. This week we're looking at island hopping Connemara style, upwards at the stars, and then we're dancing.

Panda Party

The Sugar Club is one of those Dublin venues that doesn't feel Dublin and where we simply love to kick back with a weekend cocktail. Tonight we're swinging by Panda party for all our soul and funk needs. Joining the regular DJs will be the UK's Bill Brewster. This inevitably reaches full capacity so get those dancing runners on. For more details go here.

Drop Everything


This Inis O?rr festival is putting the island on the curated-indie-hipstery map with it's mix of music, art and panels. Drop Everything describes itself as ?a contemporary cultural biennial? and has been made possible by that modern practice of crowd funding. We're pretty jealous of everyone headed west. To plan your last minute escape see here.

Inishboffin Walking Festival

We're on a Wild Atlantic Buzz these days aren't we? If you want to get away from it all might we suggest a weekend of hiking on one of Ireland's most beautiful islands? Alcoves, wildflowers and the sea air make the perfect repose. Turn off that phone and catch the ferry.

Look Up!

There's a meteor shower tonight in the Irish skies! The ninth closest comet ever will be skimming earth and bringing with it what stargazers would call a 'dazzling display?. You don't need any fancy binoculars, just a clear patch of sky and some coffee to keep you looking skywards in the early hours. Experts are hoping the show starts around 1am.


X Men: Days of Future Past is your popcorn movie for the weekend. With a cast including Jennifer Lawrence, Peter Dinklage, James McEvoy, Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender you can be guaranteed a crowd pleaser, mutants and Intense Orchestral Music. Also, we're pretty sure there's time travel.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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