Ten businesses that have made us fall in love with Rathmines village

Anyone who knows Rathmines will know that its popularity has been rising to astronomical highs over the last number of years. Once a Dublin suburb that had little more than a few pubs, some shops and a library, it has now become a true “destination village” for those looking for a good feed, a swish date night, or a show-stopping outfit.

This is all thanks to the arrival of a few key players over the last decade or so, including a trendy restaurants, stunning fashion boutiques, one particular vintage cinema and the renovation of the village’s cornerstone shopping centre, The Swan.

Here we list our top ten favourite places in Rathmines village; the local businesses whose staff and service have made us fall in love with the area each and every time we wander along its path.

Rathmines, consider our hat tipped.

Hey Donna


This restaurant is one of the newest to arrive to the area, and its huge range of delicious veggie dishes means it’s particularly good for any hungry vegetarians. Don’t worry. many of the sharing-style dishes also incorporate meat too, so there’s something to satisfy every taste bud.

Alan Hanna’s Bookshop

This is one bookshop that is as brimming with character and personality, as it is with books. A gorgeous thing that Alan Hanna’s also offers is the chance to by a “mystery book” that is wrapped in brown paper and twine, so you don’t know what you’re going to get, but it’s been recommended by one or multiple members of staff. Very cute cafe down the back too, which is the perfect place to read a new book on a wet day.

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The HopSack


It’s been a real pleasure to see The Hopsack grow over the last number of years; what was once a tiny health food shop has morphed into a huge health-food haven, complete with deli, eco-friendly cosmetics and fresh fruit and veg. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable about all that they stock, and you could easily get carried away roaming through the array of fascinating products and foodstuffs they sell.

Beautiful South

It’s a real challenge to walk past the window of Beautiful South and not find yourself lured in by the sheer magnificence of one of the garments on display. From luscious silks to vibrant prints, each piece truly is more beautiful than the next. Definitely the kind of place to go when a you want to treat yourself to something special.

Pot Bellied Pig

With a modern menu and eclectic decor that has been attracting countless of snap-happy Instagram addicts since day one, Pot Bellied Pig serves to satisfy the cravings of photo-hounds and foodies alike. There’s always a queue for weekend brunch here, but trust us, it’s worth the wait. Keep an eye out for the special Supper Club evenings, too - they’re special.


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It’s a widely-affirmed fact that the stonebaked pizzas served up at Manifesto are amongst the best that this entire city has to offer. What’s more, the distinctly authentic, Italian setting is another factor that attracts swathes of customers every day. The staff are the final draw - delighting all who take a seat at one of their tables.


Sew is the kind of place you should definitely go to if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps and in need of a creative pick-me-up. In this cheery and whimsical setting you're sure to find the inspiration to kick-off that knitting hobby you always dreamt of, aided by the gentle guidance of owner (and creative mastermind) Eilish. She'll show you how the world of needles and thread can provide a gorgeous way to embrace your inner child, and to wind down from the stresses of adulthood.



Here is a Palestinian restaurant with a humble facade but a happy heart, and warm, friendly staff who take great pride in serving up delicious, authentic Middle Eastern dishes (the falafel being a must-try). Easily missable down a little street off the main street hullabaloo, Shakshuka is a hidden jewel in the crown of Rathmines village.


Brought to you by the same crew who brought P.Macs and Slattery’s in Dublin city, Blackbird is widely known as the perfect place to go for a first date in Dublin. This is thanks to it’s private nooks and various distinctive features (the quirky decor, the board games, the extensive beer offering) which help to kick off conversation throughout even the most awkward of dates. What’s more, Blackbird also has a great outdoor area and thrives on match days, making it a nice place to head with friends on the weekend, too.


The Stella

Thanks to revamp of The Stella, a trip to the movies has returned to its former old-school glory. Between the plush leather armchairs, individual footstools, ornate lamps and the option to have food and drinks delivered to you mid-movie, the scene has been set for a very special occasion, altogether. Truth be told, date night never felt so good.

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