Quick Fix Fail

There is no magic pill or fabulous fitness program that will give you the body you want.? Unfortunately it is up to each of us to work with our bodies. The good news is it isn't rocket science. We all have the power to achieve our greatest goals and the possibility inside each of us to live a happy, healthy life.

Let's strip it back and remove all of the fancy packaging. Learn to listen to your body and do what is right for you. And remember, what feels good deep down, usually is good for you!

Here are three tips that I find helpful when approaching the manic minefield that is fitness and weight loss.

Quick Fix Fail

Fads don't work, the only make you feel miserable and create a really negative relationship with food and fitness. There is just no need for this. Food is fabulous, being fit makes you feel invincible. The reason we all head for the quick fix is because we want the results last week.? Change your approach and focus on long term consistency by making small changes every day;

  • No or less sugar in your cuppa
  • Replace your chocolate biscuit with some dark chocolate
  • Have an apple instead of a packet of crisps
  • Walk on your lunch hour instead of staring at the so called beautiful bodies on social media

By doing this you will start enjoy your food and exercise will become your friend - I swear. Think of every meal as a chance for you to thoroughly nourish your body inside and out. It is a chance to learn what foods and ways of eating work for you. Change your life, one meal at a time. Trust me, it can work.


Bigger picture, better life

Achieving your fitness goals requires a combination of elements to work together;

  • a healthy, nourishing diet
  • a consistent exercise routine
  • adequate sleep
  • low stress
  • mindfulness

We all want to feel happy in our skin and I believe when all of these elements are in balance true health and wellbeing can be had. I'll be honest though, they don't necessarily guarantee a shiny six pack for you to Instagram, but what you will achieve is so much more than this - true contentment, peace and wellbeing.


Add to your life

We always think we have to deprive ourselves and be miserable if we want to lose weight. This simply isn't true. It may sound simple but it's a matter of letting go of old habits that hold you back and adding new more positive choices.? If what you have been doing hasn't taken you to a place of happiness and contentment with your body, it's time to take a different approach.

Instead of focusing on what you have to remove, focus on adding wonderfulness to your life in the form of natural foods - fresh fruit, salads, veggies, nuts and seeds. Movement - walk/run/cycle/yoga do it outside if possible, nature will lift your spirits.?Rest - it is so important to have down time, days where you just veg, breathe, read, and spend time with loved ones. All of those lovely things we don't have time to do but which are so important for a positive, healthy life.

I know being happy in your skin can be tough, but I truly believe it can be achieved. Your body deserves to be feel nourished, fit and well.

It's an old clich? but one that is heart wrenchingly true - life is incredibly short. Live it fully and healthily. Don't waste any more time on what's not important.? Remember that the goal isn't to be perfect, we are all a work in progress, doing the best we can - positively imperfect.

By @LizCostigan

Photos by @NathalieMC


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