Queen of Blogs

Garance Dor? probably needs no introduction if you have spent more than 30 seconds looking through the Google first page results on fashion and interiors blogs. Nevertheless, we feel compelled to list a few of the myriad of things she is known for: blogger (of course), journalist, author, photographer, illustrator, coder, lecturer, interiors consultant, fashion designer, video-artist, businesswoman. It reads like Meryl Streep's Oscar nominations list. And like Meryl Streep, she inspires only awe and admiration. She's not yet 40.

On her blog and elsewhere, she writes about all things beautiful and unique, in a personal, simple and authentic style, interspersed with striking photography and elegant illustrations. She has that rare ability to appeal to both fashion's hottest elites and stylish stay-at-home mums who don't have those deep A-list pockets. Her personal musings are endearing, compelling and inspiring, which helps explain her universal appeal, sand why she has gone well beyond the realm of the cult. Although she has been around from the beginning of internet authorship, she is still one of the top influencers in a saturated blogosphere.

A registered trademark (?in the fields of fashion, clothing style, celebrities, entertainment and popular culture"), wearer of white pants (because she's French), and living in New York (where else?), she is also one half of the Dor?/Schuman (of ?The Sartorialist?) blogging powerhouse, and, alongside him, is studied by media experts and design students.


It would hard to add anything new to this massive list of achievements, but here are some little known facts about Ms Dor?): she's from Corsica (go there and you will understand her sense of aesthetics) and her real name is: Marilyn Flowers. C?est magnifique, non?


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