Put The Kettle On! This Is Ireland's Preferred Hot Drink For A Caffeine Kick

There's nothing like starting your morning off with a hot cuppa, and a new survey has revealed that when it comes to getting our daily hit of caffeine, us Irish folk are, you guessed it, fond of a cup of tea over any other hot drink.

According to a new European level study, Ireland still gets most of its caffeine from tea. In the research carried out between 2008 and 2010 by the European Food Safety Authority, it was found that among adults aged between 18 and 65 - tea still beats out all other sources of caffeine. So forget legging it to Starbucks for a hazelnut latte, its tea that gives us that energy kick and really hits the spot. The results come as no surprise really, as we've long been a nation of tea drinkers.

The survey results, which were broken down by TheJournal.ie, also said that in terms of how we get our caffeine, 59.4 percent of it comes from tea, 32.5 percent comes from coffee, 1.3 percent comes from chocolate, 3.9 percent comes from cola beverages and 3 percent comes from energy drinks. The low results for the sugary drinks surprised us; though we're still fond of them, as Ireland was found to be the second most popular country of those surveyed for consumption of caffeine through energy drinks, after Spain.

Ireland tops the tea polls compared to our European neighbours, according to the study, as we're the largest group who gets their caffeine from tea. We're not the only ones who love the stuff though. The UK smugly came second, where over 50 percent also chose tea over all other hot beverages when it came to getting their caffeine fix. A wise choice, guys.

In Europe, coffee tops the polls when it comes to caffeine, which probably will surprise very few.


In the broad 18-65 ?adult? demographic, Finland was the country with the highest caffeine intake from coffee, with 93.8 percent.

All this tea talking has made us decide to stick the kettle on. How do you like to get your dose of caffeine in the mornings? Do you opt for tea or coffee?

Via TheJournal.ie

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