Put a fresh spin on your Christmas decor display this season

Tired of baubles and fairy lights? We get it, you're not full Bah Humbug, you just want some festive decor a little outside of the box. Well look no further than this Dublin-based florist specialising in exquisite flowers and customer service to keep you feeling festive all year long. 

Christmas can be the most expensive time of year, with presents to buy and parties to attend. It's not always the ideal time to splash out on a new tree, or new decorations. But how do you make your old baubles and stars look fresh and new?

Well, you can try replacing them with something a little different, but still on trend. Seasonal flowers – something that make even the most Scrooge among us smile – will give any old decor a boost, and transform even the most drab space into a winter wonderland.

A treasure trove of flowers and plants can be found on Dublin's Baggot St at Ginkgo, an unassuming little store that has big ideas.


A Ginkgo-designed hanging display at the RHA Gallery for the Roland Mouret x Dragana Juriši event in November. Photo: Supplied

Run by horticulturist and florist Bronagh Harte, you can't walk by Ginkgo and not stick your head in the door. From the smell of fresh lavender outside, to the bright colours of the autumnal roses hanging inside, you are immediately immersed in a plant jungle that makes you want to throw out all of your furnishings and match new items to your newfound flowers.

Bronagh caters for personal shopping and weddings, as well as providing vases for large-scale events and businesses and hotels across the capital.

A recent collaboration for Ginkgo was RHA X, where fashion designer Roland Mouret and artist Dragana Juriši held an exhibition at the RHA Gallery, inviting audiences to connect through a shared immersive experience.

Ginkgo created an innovative seven meter-long hanging display of rustic greenery that undulated like a Chinese dragon over the heads of art-lovers.

While this may be a tad dramatic for your two-up two-down in the suburbs, Bronagh is more than happy to create an eye-catching display that works for your space. Whether it's a spectacular table setting, or a wreath for your door, our advice is to order early now that the Ginkgo secret is out! Bronagh is also always on hand to give advice in-store.


Find out more at ginkgoflorists.ie.

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