Brazil's World Cup themed condom is more than a little bizarre

It might seem unorthodox, but there is method to the madness. Brazil officially launched its World Cup themed Caipirinha-flavoured condom last week. Caipirinha is the popular summery Brazilian cocktail made out of white rum, cachaca, lemon juice, sugar, and crushed ice, and perhaps not one's first choice when it comes to condom flavours. Named Prudence, the condom also features colours that reflect the cocktail and national flag, yellow and green, thereby making it the first condom to ever feature two colours. Distributed at World Cup venues, the condoms are made by the biggest prophylactic distributor in the world, Karex, and they were ordered by Washington DC based NGO, DKT International. The Wallstreet Journal reported that DKT is dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV and unwanted pregancies, and its Brazilian rep Daniel Muran, told The Wall Street Journal that it was important to run the campaign as ?Major sports or cultural events attract a great number of people and garner much attention, providing a good opportunity to spread a pleasurable and fun safe-sex message.? The organization's distributed more than 2.1 million condoms at the Cup so far, proving that combining a serious message with the mayhem of the World Cup is a skillful tactic. Let the games continue we say, with an extra added flavour?


Marilyn Lee

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