Proposing Before a Kiss?

These days, we'd hardly say yes to marrying someone if we hadn't slept with them and lived with them for at least a year, let alone kiss our significant other. Gone are the days when proposals would unfold before a couple's union had been sealed with a loving kiss. Not for Sam Taylor Johnson and her husband, Aaron Taylor Johnson, however. As perhaps the last chivalrous (or crazy) man standing, influenced, we imagine, by the likes of Pride and Prejudice's Mr Darcy, Aaron asked for his now wife's hand in marriage before he had even kissed her. He was 18, she was 41.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, the Fifty Shades director mostly spoke about her difficulties with the book's writer E.L James but then she was asked a more personal question about the moment she knew she was going to marry Aaron:??The instant he asked me. There were two proposals, one before we had even kissed. It was pretty instant," she replied.


But what if the kiss was less Gone with the Wind and more Dumb and Dumber? What if, worse still, they couldn't stand living in the same space as each other? 'If you want to know me, come and live with me' they say. And the biggie, what if the inevitable consummation of their love was as awkward and uncomfortable as something out of The Inbetweeners?



Thankfully for this pair, it all worked out. They're still together, five years later, with two sprogs and as far as we can see they're as happy as Larry. What's more, they couldn't care less what people think about their considerable age difference.

How much of a commitment woulld you make without having kissed someone? Or is the first kiss the dealbreaker? Even the most romantic of fairytales would suggest that you can't possibly know if someone is the one until your lips have met. Right?


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