Private Lives

There's nothing like a trip to the theatre. ?Or rather there's nothing like an affordable trip to the theatre. And now thanks to projects such as the West End Theatre Series and the National Theatre Live some of most celebrated contemporary productions are coming to cinema screens around the UK and Ireland. ?Last week Tom Hiddleston's highly anticipated Coriolanus was up for grabs in The Lighthouse - actual seats for the West End production are gold dust at the moment - and this Thursday Noel Coward's perennial favourite Private Lives will be showing in Cineworld on Parnell Street. Starring Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens as exes who end up in the same French Riveria hotel with their respective new spouses and a lingering chemistry in tow, Private Lives promises acerbic one liners and a somewhat cruel edge missing from the modern and mostly mumblecore rom-coms that occasionally glut the cineplexes.

And if you're in the mood for further Coward make sure to book your preview seats for the Gate's upcoming production of The Vortex.

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Jeanne Sutton

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