Prince Harry Makes Acting Debut

Prince Harry, playboy prince and soldier, turns his hand to acting in a new short movie.

It has been a busy year for Prince Harry. His romantic life is being analysed on a weekly basis by journalists who probably wish phone hacking was still a reasonable mode of operating. His official engagements are on the up. Not a month goes by without the red-haired bachelor charming yet another foreign country on a work trip. Then there's his army work. And the polo. He's also an uncle twice over.

However, Prince Harry has decided to turn his hand to acting, as if his list of accomplishments weren't long enough. The 31-year-old made his motion picture debut of sorts last week in a movie commissioned for the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony. The short film is a period drama about the genesis of the sport, which was apparently invented in 1823 by the young student William Webb Ellis at the not coincidentally named Rugby school.


Prince Harry play a gardener in the film - skip forward to 2:15 if following plots is not your thing - and during his fleeting appearance he speaks one line of dialogue, rakes some leaves or grass, and his unbuttoned white shirt v-neck game is strong.

Have a watch below.

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