Pre-nuptial Christmas Gifts

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Every girl, (whether they admit to it or not) dreams up some version of the moment they get engaged. So, when that time finally arrives, it's easy to fasttrack yourself into a frenzy of planning, not taking time to carefully spreadsheet everything needing to be done or acquired (yes, people do that). But you can be canny - use Christmas and birthdays as opportunities to snaffle must-have items on your To Buy For The Wedding list.

Can't for the life of you think what you?need to receive this Christmas? can't-do-without parts of your trousseau that will save you from panic and financial ruin, in the leadup to your Spring nuptials? From bridal getup to workout essentials, here are some nifty ideas?

You have dreamt of this moment your entire life, so, the last thing you want, is to look down at your dry hands and a chipped mani. Make sure these pampering treats are on your wish list ?(if you're really cheeky, leave hints for this sparkler from Mociun).

Let's face it, committing to jogging and sun-salutations isn't always easy, so why not reach for a little workout wardrobe revival, to get you in the mood?


No wedding attire is complete without these must-have pieces in your arsenal; a glitzy title-clutch, a killer pair of heels or a lacey capelet for your crusade down the aisle.

What a shame it would be (having looked every inch the Goddess as your public bridal persona) to undress to your mismatched hanky pankies. Don't let these rudimental underpinnings fail you on the last hurdle. Consider lingerie, fragrance and robes - even if you both just conk-out the moment your heads hit the pillow - it's the thought that counts, right?

The challenge of picking the perfect outfit for the day after your wedding, can often be as daunting as choosing your actual Dress. This Elie Saab gown is both sexy and playful? especially paired with seriously hot Rizo feather sandals and a tribal print clutch by Finds.


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