PodClub recommendations: Ten podcasts that IMAGE.ie readers are loving

This week we sent out an invite to all IMAGE.ie readers to come along to Ireland's first public live podcast club, aptly named the IMAGE PodClub. We got a huge response from our readers and were delighted to welcome a crowd of avid podcast lovers up to the gorgeous top level of The Jar on Tuesday night.

Wait, what's a podclub?

If you're new to the concept of our PodClub, then allow us to set out the basics: it's a group of people coming together to discuss all things podcast-related. Essentially, it has all the workings of a book club, but with the modern twist of being centered around podcasts. It's worth highlighting that ours also includes G&Ts, pizza and the beautiful surroundings of The Jar's secret top floor location.


At each event, we discuss the topics raised in a certain podcast episode (or a selection of episodes that fall under a common theme), and then share our own personal recommendations for our new favourite shows.


Scroll on to see the shows that got a shout-out at this week's PodClub, which cover a range of topics and interests, from true crime to satirical comedy, history and long-form interviews.

If you missed out on our inaugural event, be sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages, where we'll be announcing the next date and ticket availabilities!

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