PMS Ice Cream May Be The Best Dessert

Now and then there comes along an idea that astounds us in its simplicity and has us shaking our heads, ?Why didn't we have this idea??

Today's brilliant light bulb moment? PMS Ice Cream. The idea comes courtesy of Parker Jones, an American graphic design student who invented the concept of an ice cream targeted at giving you pain relief via the comforting medium of frozen creamy goodness. The secret ingredient is Nurofen. We're joking. Maybe.

Sadly, this product doesn't yet exist; PMS Ice Cream is part of a design project Jones worked on that's getting a lot of attention from women around the world. Surely some company will jump on the what-women-want bandwagon.

Jones has come up with three delectable flavours in snazzy packaging.


Don't Come Near me is rocky road flavoured.

I Need Some More = mint chocolate chip.

And I Think I'm Dying channels strawberry swirl.

Regardless of where we're at in our cycle, we want all the snazzily designed ice cream.


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