Planning a trip soon? Ryanair will charge fees for gate bag check-ins

Whether you're into resolutions or not, it's universally acknowledged that January gets us down. The hype of Christmas has come and gone and the year looms out, it's too early to have solidified any real plans yet with most of us only really getting back to work this week. A key thing to lift yourself out of the impending rut is to start small; with your plans, or perhaps a mini-break away. If you dread the sales, the one area you really will get value for money is airline discounts - and you can avail of these without leaving your home.

With that in mind, if you are planning a trip, it's worth noting that Ryanair (who currently have a sale on) have this week fully introduced fees to check larger 'cabin' bags at airport gates.

Ryanair will be charging Non-Priority customers €25 to check these larger 'cabin' bags at airport gates, according to the Irish Independent.

This fee charge is part of its new cabin baggage rules, which only allow passengers who pay €6-€8 for Priority Boarding to take a second, larger piece of cabin baggage on board.


'Non-Priority' passengers must travel with a small 'personal bag' only, or pay €8 in advance online to check the larger, 10kg bag into the hold.

Following a grace period from December to January 7th, these fees are now in full effect, so ' Non-Priority' customers who show up to the airport with an unbooked larger piece of hand luggage must pay €20 to check it at the airport bag drop desk, or pay a €25 fee to have it placed in the hold at the boarding gate.

Ryanair says its new policy has been a success, resulting in an 11pc improvement in flight punctuality and faster boarding time for passengers.

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