Planning A New Car? Visit The Renovated MSL Ballsbridge Motors Showroom On Shelbourne Road

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Why is it, at this time of year, our cars generally seem to go off the beaten track? After getting through the year unscathed, once the cold weather hits, we aren't the only ones who suffer - your poor car can feel it too. However, the optimists in us choose to see this as more than bad timing; it is, in fact, a sure sign that we were meant to treat ourselves to a fresh mode of transport for 2018. Or maybe, with new beginnings just around the corner, now is the time you just feel ready for something new (hey, it's Christmas; you've worked hard all year - you deserve it).

So, where do you start? Gone are the days when we would view a car as a mere thing that takes us from a to b - your car is an extension of you; of your personality, of who you are. So choosing the right one is crucial. An iconic-yet-classic model will never steer (pun intended) you far wrong. And what's more iconic than a Mercedes-Benz? Elegant, stylish, stunning and the car you didn't know you were dreaming of. Luckily,  MSL Ballsbridge Motors Mercedes-Benz is delighted to announce the opening of their newly renovated showroom on Shelbourne Road where they just happen to have the most extensive Mercedes-Benz car showroom in Ireland - with over 30 stunning Mercedes-Benz models on display.

This iconic car showroom (which previously housed the Volkswagen brand), has been enlarged to a stand-alone Mercedes-Benz dealership so you'll find everything you need to know - and likely every model you need to see - about this car brand under one roof.


Not only is the 2018 Mercedes-Benz range simply beautiful to look at, but it's also packed with cutting-edge technology and is incredibly stylish. Yes, MSL Ballsbridge Motors Mercedes-Benz has the perfect car for every driver whether you are in the market for a stylish hatchback such as the A-Class, an exquisite saloon such as the E-class, a sensational SUV such as the GLE or if absolute luxury is what you’re after, you’ll find this in abundance in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Whatever you desire; MSL Ballsbridge Motors Mercedes-Benz showroom will have it.

So whether you're in the market for something new or (even better) are planning to well and truly treat yourself this Christmas, call into them on Shelbourne Road today, they would love to see you.

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