Fangirling Pinterest

Of course you know about Pinterest by now. And I'm sure many of you are avid Pinners. But can I just re-iterate how great it is? I check in to it most days and it serves me by giving me many things: both sartorial and decoration inspiration and relief when I'm feeling stressed as the beautiful things make me happy - it acts as a genuine mood-lifter in almost the same way as going to a great gallery or hearing beautiful music. And there's just something so satisfying about collecting pretty pictures! (Yes, I was a scrapbook and stickers kind of kid!)

Each to their own, of course. But I love it, and so far I have used ideas I have found there for my house, my dinner table, my wardrobe and my kids time (cool, crafty ideas abound on Planet P!)

Now, Pinterest is only as good as the Pinners you follow, so you can get bogged down in endless beauty tutorial shots or some other niche thing that doesn't ring true to you, but to find people with a great eye - real curators, offers a great source of genuine inspiration.

So this is me. And here are are some of my favourites...

Follow. Pin. Daydream.


Maia McDonald


Kate @ Wit & Delight


The image newsletter