Jennifer Aniston Turns 46

Jennifer Aniston celebrates her 46th birthday on this very day. As devout fans of all that she does, we decided to take this moment to not only wish her a very happy birthday, but to commend her on all that she has already achieved.

jennifer aniston

She has, hands down, the best attitude in the business. Her ability to rise above the never-ending barrage of rumours that surround her is unwavering. Sure, in the wee hours of the morning, she may find herself on occasion affected by the fact that people still bang on about Brad and Angelina, labelling her as 'poor Jen' at every opportunity, but in public she's incredibly strong, laughing things off because in reality, she's got her own private life to live.

She's giving in interviews, understanding that of all the stars of Friends, it is Rachel's real life counterpart with whom we are most fascinated. She's always up for a laugh, and more importantly, able to laugh at herself.

jennifer aniston

Ultimately though, we don't think Jen gets enough credit for her acting chops. Yes, comedy is what she's known for (and why shouldn't she enjoy a rom-com when her comic timing is peerless and it makes her a whole lot of money?), but when you do hand Aniston a weightier, more dramatic role, such as what we'll get with Cake, you can see just how talented this woman actually is. She's not afraid to get her hands dirty.


We could probably squeeze in a few lines here about her pending nuptials to Justin Theroux, but as it happens, her other half in no way defines her. She is her own successful, empowering, inspiring and, for added measure, beautiful woman. For that, we salute her.

jennifer aniston

Jen, Happy Birthday. You're a ride.

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