Phil Collins To Remarry His Third Ex-Wife

We're constantly hearing about celebrity break-ups left, right and centre, but in the entertainment industry, it is rare enough these days to hear stories of a couple rediscovering their love and taking down the aisle a second time. But for one pairing, that's exactly what will be happening. Cue the inevitable Against All Odds music

Musician Phil Collins is set to remarry his third ex-wife, Orianne Cevey. The bride-to-be revealed the news during an interview with Swiss newspaper, SonntagsBlick.

"I call Phil now again as my husband. We are so close that it actually makes no difference whether we are married. But we are determined to get married one day a second time," she said.

She continued to say that the two regretted spitting up, and all this lovely stuff:

"Love was never completely gone. [It] was just on another level. We've known each other for 22 years, 15 as a couple. Now we feel both the same thing: We should never have diverged,? Cevey continued. "The separation was the wrong decision . . . We are meant for each other."


Collins also alluded to the fact that they had reunited romantically, telling Billboard: "I'm actually back with my third wife. We've been together a while now."

They were married for nine years and had two sons, 11-year-old Matthew and 14-year-old Nicholas. Collins is also dad to actress Lily Collins, son Simon and daughter Joely from two previous marriages.

At the time of their separation, they were in the headlines due to the large divorce settlement - Collins paid Cevey $46.76 million back in 2008 - but it seems love has triumphed and, this time, around, Cevey is delighted that their children will be there to witness their nuptials.

"The important difference is that now our children can be there," she added. "I imagine the next celebration will be more familiar and smaller. On our first wedding in 1999 in Lausanne, we had to invite many more people not to disappoint anyone."

"We were always very close, because of the children," she continued. "But just last year, I realised that he is indeed the man of my life."

Call us old romantics, but we think that's rather lovely.

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