'My son was murdered': The Pharmacist is the next must-see true-crime documentary on Netflix

Ready for a new true-crime documentary to sink your teeth into? The Pharmacist on Netflix is our latest must-watch

"My son was murdered..."

Grey-haired Dan Schneider is a dedicated and loving family man from New Orleans, Louisiana. When he's not at home with his loved ones in the quiet neighbourhood of St Bernard Parish, he's hard at work as a pharmacist. But, in 1999, Dan's life changed forever. In the new true-crime series The Pharmacist on Netflix, viewers will learn of the drama that ensued.

Dan's adult son, Danny, was an addict whose drug of choice was crack cocaine. He left the family home and moved to one of the dodgy parts of town, and one night while buying his next fix, he was murdered. To dad Dan's horror, the local police had a we-don't-really-care attitude. It was their impression that Danny somewhat deserved what he got.

But Dan wasn't willing to give up on seeking justice for his son. Gathering a tape recorder and dozens of cassette tapes, he set about doing his own criminal investigation. It was his hope, that if he gathered enough evidence through interviews with people involved, he would eventually be able to present it at court.


What he discovered was more shocking than he ever could have thought. He set out to expose a murderer, but in the end, exposed so much more.

Watch the official trailer for The Pharmacist below:

Photo: The Pharmacist, Netflix

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