Perfume Cookie Anyone?

The macaroon might lose its beloved-of-the-fashion-set throne...

Food styling has reached a new frontier with the invention of the perfume cookie. This is not a dessert drill. Est?e Lauder has teamed up with the famed Momofuku bakery to created a cookie inspired by the iconic Est?e Lauder scent, Private Collection. The idea for the culinary curiosity comes from Est?e Lauder's own personal perfume, a blend of Bulgarian rose and essential oils that eventually became the signature bottle that we all treasure today. The resulting cookie combines rose extract, vanilla and dried strawberries. Looks delectable, doesn't it?


Are you hankering for a bite? Or will you be sticking to the chocolate chip? Well, in case the former option tempts you Est?e Lauder and Momofuku have made the recipe available online here.

Jeanne Sutton?@jeannedesutun

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