People Aren't Happy About This 1950s "Relationship Advice" Column

Here at, we have no problem with advice columns. That is, provided they are informative and try to engage the reader in a positive way. With this in mind, we weren't quite sure what to make of a 1950s style ?advice? article on how to ?Make A Man Fall Hard For You,? published this week by Glamour Magazine. At first, we thought (and hoped) it was meant to be taken in jest, but they were apparently, rather serious about the whole piece, from what we gather.

Among the ?tips? suggested are answering the door to your man in negligee (of course) with food waiting for him, ?bragging about him? to your friends and family, and making him a snack after sex (it doesn't have to be a gourmet meal though - what a relief).

There's nothing wrong with doing any of these things if you so wish of course, but the issue is that the entire piece just comes across as really patronising, and more than a little bit sexist (even if it was meant to be taken lightly), and many took to Twitter to express their unhappiness, which we honestly can't blame them for. The article has since been removed but the list is still around the web. Here it is below:

With some reaction from social media:


Many were hopeful it was simply meant to be Satire (though we aren't too sure if this was meant to be the case):

Glamour have since issued an apology, and acknowledged that the list upset a few saying, ?Finding real, satisfying romance in 2015 essentially comes down to one thing: showing someone who you are, celebrating who he or she is, and respecting each other. We understand that the list read like a 1950s marriage handbook?and nobody wants to go back there.?


While we can appreciate their apology, surely they must have known such a list might not have gone down well with their readers? Food for thought. What do you make of the whole thing?


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