People Are Naming Their Children After Instagram Filters

Are you looking to go down the untraditional baby-naming route for your bundle of joy? Did you ever think of scrolling through?Instagram filters for inspiration? Us neither. However, quite a few who don't want a traditional moniker for their children are turning?to their smartphones for suggestions.

A study from a parenting website says that millennial parents are looking to Instagram filters to help name their newborns. And terms of names, we need to talk about Lux, because it's the newest trendy name for baby boys, according to the site.

The US website, and its UK counterpart have released the most popular baby names of 2015 and along with a 75% jump in the number of little lads named Lux, boys are also being called after the photo sharing app's Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin filters.

Meanwhile filter-names Juno, Valencia and Willow are rising in popularity for girls, according to Time.


Before we hear the cries of outrage, this was, in fact, a legitimate study; the parenting site gathered data from more than 340,000 parents in the world, though reassuringly, it said findings are unofficial.

The pregnancy and parenting site also said names of planets and characters on the hit TV show Empire were popular this year. The name Royalty also jumped 88% in popularity for girls.

Fortunately, the site also compiled lists of the traditional names favoured by parents, and these include names such as Sophia, Emma, Olivia and Jackson, Aiden and Liam, so rest assured mothers-to-be, you'll have plenty of alternatives if Ludwig and Valencia don't float your boat.

Though we frequently profess our love for the filter-ready,?photo sharing?app, some of us (mainly yours truly) aren't quite ready to think about passing it on to a newborn just yet.


See the complete lists of baby?names here


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