People Are More Scared Of Deadlines Than Dying

We know the title of this sounds grim for a Wednesday, but hear us out. Do you experience a jolt of fear whenever you approach?a deadline? You're on the way into work?but are you already in a cold sweat thinking of the presentation due today? It's akin to that panicked Sunday night I've-forgotton-to-do-my-homework type of feeling and a sensation of dread hated by many. Well, according to a new study, you're not alone in dreading The Deadline; it turns out most people are more scared?of this than they are of actually dying?which is rather startling.

Yes, high-pressured work is never fun, but according to new research,?people are more scared by the thought of a stressful-inducing workload or project than they are of death.

This latest piece of unusual work-related information?was uncovered by CareerCast in their latest annual Stressful Jobs Reader Survey. The jobs site polled over 1,000 people, asking them to evaluate their own personal experiences with workplace stress and anxiety.

They found that most people (30%) rated deadlines as their biggest source of anxiety, well over the proportion of respondents who were most alarmed at the thought of putting someone else's life at risk (17%) or of dying themselves while at work (just 7%).

Healthcare professionals made up 36% of respondents - the highest amount - in the survey yet even these people, who can frequently encounter the risk of endangering others? lives more than any other profession said that they were more afraid of deadlines than of death.


Also alarmingly, the study revealed that stress could be enough to force employees out of their chosen field altogether - almost 59% of those who responded said they would leave their profession if they could.

Naturally, the best way to conquer these fears is to start planning and prepping your work early; if you can't grasp a deadline,?acting like it doesn't exist?won't help the issue - it will only amplify it. The solution can be as simple as asking for help, according to our Career Psychologist Sinead Brady's advice on tackling work anxiety.

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