The Penneys Wedding Accessories Collection Is Totally Gorgeous

Penneys have released a range of wedding accessories and bridal bits and pieces that I'm happily obsessed with - and I'm not even getting married. The collection managed to slip under my radar until my sister - who is getting married - came home with some pearl hangers that cost only €5. ?It's universally known that it's all the little things for the big day can add up to an unspeakable amount of bills but who says you need to spend a fortune to have pretty things for your reception? ?Most of the items are under €5.

From LOVE slogan bunting to ?the party's this way? signage, pillows, pearl hangers, towels, mugs, candles and PJs, you'll be set with this gorgeous wedding collection. With prices starting from only €2.50, you can almost have your cake?and?eat it (minus the actual cake, soz) and you should still have some budget left over by the end of it all. (A tip: after the dress, spend any spare dosh on more food. Always more food).

They've also introduced a range of bridal lingerie and wedding morning garb - the customary wedding morning Mrs. robe is a must-buy. No one has to know each piece was around the €10 mark!


Affordable?wedding decorations that look gorgeous? Items start at around €2.50, so we will definitely take them!

Available to buy in-store now but run and don't walk if you like the look of any of them because they are sure to sell out fast.

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