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Baring All: Please stop the madness

Another day, another Kim Kardashian reveal. Today, we saw more than we've ever had before ?the full frontal. The past few years have seen us become so accustomed to the concept of baring all from the Kardashians, as they have sold literally everything about themselves. The phrase Access All Areas formed new parameters as the overly made up family overshared their every move, thought, outfit, argument and selfie to the masses, setting up a global brand in their wake.

Selfies I can sort of handle; I'm guilty of many on my own Instagram account, but the Kardashian level of 'sharing? is beyond all else.

Why, I wonder, is everything for sale with KK? Her entire life is practically a shop shelf or catalogue for the world to peruse, for brands to align with and for what? Money? Surely she has enough. Exposure for her talents? Erm?

A few years ago on one of the shows, Kim and Chloe take Manhattan, or similar (they're all so similar), Kim was reduced to tears after a supposedly ?artistic? shoot for W Magazine revealed too much flesh and she vowed, through her tears, never to do anything like that again.

That memory obviously failed her when Paper magazine came a-calling. And yes, yesterday, she did almost #breaktheinternet with her bare bum shined and oiled up in all it's bounteous glory. But the release of todays pic tipped me over the edge ?a step too far in my view. The now infamous shot (in the space of only one day), was shown rotated ?Kim in full frontal with nothing left to the imagination is NSFW but weirdly not shocking. After all, it's only a body, yes a rather strikingly proportioned body, but overall it's just kind of sad to me.


I know I sound like a prude (believe me, I'm not), but there is just something that smacks of desperation, that smacks of manipulation and that smacks of someone trading on something that most of us are turning away from - ?celebrity? and all the modern connotations of the word - a limited talent, a lot of ego.

I wish someone would talk to Kim - tell her she shouldn't give it all away. Where do you go next? What do you sell? There's nothing. And when that happens, that might feel pretty bad.

Yes, you're #breakingtheinternet, but no one really cares. They are laughing, judging, and dare I say pitying. It's not an ?art piece?. It's a product shot.

Kim, there's more to you, surely. Please keep something back. Preserve the mystery.
Alas, I fear it's too late for that.

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