Paying It Forward: How To Align Your Brand To A Charity

Success in business is about more than making a profit. In the March issue of IMAGE magazine MEG WALKER talks to the Irish businesswomen boosting staff morale and strengthening their brand by giving back. If you're thinking of aligning your brand to a charity, here's what to consider, and how it's done right.


Consider the primary values of your business before narrowing in on a charity that fits the bill. According to brand strategist Gillian Horan of The Pudding, ?Take a step back and ensure you look at your brand, and your values - who you are, and the purpose of your business, and align that with the right charity for you, one that shares those values.?


Whether it's by donating your staff - for a day or two or even a week each year - giving a percentage of company profits, or holding fundraising events or campaigns throughout the year, be sure your partnership doesn't end with a one-off event. Sure, a big fundraiser may be held at Christmas or on the charity's donation or awareness month, but look for other ways you can help at other times of the year.



The main reason to align your business with a charity is because you want to give back. But when you give, you'll get something back too. It's called karma. Just be sure you're not being charitable for the purpose of boosting your business profile. People will see through that and withdraw their support for your brand. Horan says, ?Staff are happy when the company they work for believes in more than just profit, and consumers and stakeholders [can feel that too], but it has to come from a place of authenticity. Make sure you can live your brand. When that authenticity is there, it's very natural and much easier to find the charity that's the right fit for you."

For more on aligning your brand to a cause, check out the full article in the March issue of IMAGE magazine. This article originally appeared in the March issue of IMAGE magazine, on shelves nationwide now.?

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