Patrick Dempsey To Join Bridget Jones 3

What do?you mean Hugh Grant won't be renewing his rapscallion role as Daniel Cleaver?

Yes, they're making another Bridget Jones movie. And this time round it may star Patrick Dempsey, the handsome actor who left long-running hospital drama Grey's Anatomy is a haze of suspicion earlier this year. (Here's why people were all het up about the end of his tenure as Dr. McDreamy?)

Dempsey is in final negotiations to join Ren?e Zellweger and Colin Firth, who are both reprising their roles as media gal Bridget and her barrister love interest Mark Darcy.

The movie title is Bridget Jones's Baby and will not be based on the most recent novel published by writer Helen Fielding, Mad About The Boy, which caused a lot of consternation after one of the main characters was killed off. Deadline reports that the plot is going to more loosely inspired by Fielding's columns about Bridget having her first child. Hence the very obvious title. As every good story needs conflict, we putting a bet on Dempsey and Firth fighting for our heroine. Maybe there is a paternity doubt that calls for outdoors fisticuffs?


Dempsey's casting may seem a little bit leftfield, what with his American accent and all that, but after Hugh Grant left the production a parachute man was needed. This time round Daniel Cleaver will not be on hand to tempt poor Bridget. We wonder just who Dempsey will be playing? Surely there will be a hospital scene involving him wearing scrubs?

Via Deadline

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