If you suffer from panic attacks, you need to watch this video

Panic attacks can be terrifying. In this video, Dr Harry Barry excellently explains why they happen and how to deal with their effects

Panic attacks are scary.

If you have ever experienced one, you will know the feeling of terror it can create. It can feel like you are trapped or that you can't breathe or that something terrifying is about to happen. It's a very difficult ordeal to come out of and can take months or years to train your brain into understanding that you are not in danger.


However, this video may help. Dr Harry Barry has almost 40 years experience as a doctor and has a long-standing interest in mental health, writing numerous books on the subject. He has developed a holistic approach to dealing with anxiety, depression and other disorders by combining neuroscience concepts, lifestyle changes and CBT.

In this video, he details the symptoms of both anxiety and panic in a simple but effective way. What's more, he explains how best to deal with panic attacks and the role the amygdala (almond-shape set of neurons) has to play.

If you suffer from panic attacks, this video is a must-watch.

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