What Does Your Pancake Topping Say About You?

Maple Syrup And Bacon

When you were a young adult, you adopted a North American accent, but quickly dropped the affectation after classmates rightfully slagged you. You share articles decrying gentrification on social media, but you're secretly excited about all the brunch opportunities it will bring.

Peanut Butter

You either download a lot of television and wear brogues over heels, or you dim all the joy in a room with talk about cane sugar.

Lemon And Sugar


You're a no-nonsense sort who never loses her temper in an airport. You are more Irish than Mary Robinson on The Den. You can tolerate a lot of madness, but at the end of the day your WhatsApp?conversations are a dumping ground of "You actually won't believe what Ali in commercial pulled today."



You're meticulous in your appearance but your bedroom floor is the Dunkirk sequence in Atonement. You like to present a 'together' front and try to nip things in the bud. You might be anxious.


You're very sensible in your snack choices and like both bulk and potassium. You've got a five-year plan.



When you stay over at your parents,'mammy makes you buckets of tea and you wear a onesie. You don't even notice when you adopt baby voice anymore. You know how to detach from the stress of life, and that is via a chocolate hazelnut spread.


Anything Involving Cheese

You will find any opportunity to make a sandwich /?engineer a situation to suit you. You're a bit selfish, but subtle about it. You rarely say sorry, and when you do it's in a roundabout way that is actually a justification. There's nothing wrong with you, you're just a card-carrying member of the self-preservation society.

Rhubarb With Custard

You're Church of Ireland.

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