Paint It Pink Today

Today is Breast Cancer Awareness Day and we're Painting it Pink here on Almost everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and the only way through it is with the support and love from people close to them and the wonderful work of the cancer support charities.

I myself have witnessed what it's like throughout the chemo cycle and recovery as my Mum has been bravely dealing with a type of Leukemia called CLL for the past few years. It's rough, it's scary - it rocks your family to its core.

And earlier this year, I experienced a lump in my breast that required an urgent mammogram. I left feeling ok, only to get the call no-one wants to get later that day, asking could I present again the following morning for a more intense mammogram, scan and consultation with a surgeon. I attended alone ?(I do extreme stress better by myself) and those hours spent waiting between stages of the appointment were dark ones as I couldn't stop thinking of my beautiful daughters and the greatest fear of a parent, particularly of a single parent like me- what would happen to them if I was sick? Thankfully, all was declared benign. The relief was one of the most overwhelming feelings I have yet felt.

I know, however, that I will probably endure something else along the road - look at the statistics - 1 in 10 women have a chance of developing breast cancer. That's 5 of us here in the IMAGE office. When you think of it that way it's rough isn't it?

But there is good news, progressions are being made in treatment and people are becoming so much more aware of the importance of breast and other checks.


Ladies (and gents), be aware, be mindful and be grateful for the work of the Cancer Society who support in so many ways. And for that reason, I urge you to reach out and donate today.

I also urge you to actually, physically reach out?hug your loved ones. And spread the support around. That's what it's all about.


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