Paella, pasta and more: 7 tasty holiday recipes you can recreate at home

Bring your summer holidays home with these traditional recipes from around the world 

Just because we cannot travel abroad this summer, does not mean we can’t try exotic foods.

While eating a spicy, seafood paella, it feels as if you could be on a trip to Spain, sitting at a beachside bar in Penney’s best midi dress, sipping on sangria.

Or by making a traditional gnocchi pasta, you could be dining al fresco under the Italian night sky with a glass of red in hand.


Bring these authentic meals home this summer and try seven of our favourite food and drink recipes from abroad.

Red wine sangria

Did you know that the earliest versions of sangria are believed to have originated more than 2,000 years ago with the Romans? This red wine sangria recipe also comes with a brief history of the Spanish drink. This version is made with apples and oranges, but you can make it your own with whatever fruits you have at home. (Minimalist Baker)

Seafood paella

Originating in Valencia, it is said that paella was traditionally a labourer’s meal made with ingredients typically found in the Spanish countryside like snails, rabbit, tomatoes and rice. Now, there are over 200 distinctive paella dishes, usually made with Spanish round rice and saffron. This tasty recipe is from a Valencian native and has squid, peppers, shrimp and mussels. (Spain on a Fork)

Portuguese custard tarts


It would be a crime to travel to Portugal without trying traditional pastéis de nata. The delicious pastries have a rich egg custard nestled in a crisp and flaky pastry. They also pair perfectly with a shot of espresso. This recipe is from the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém in Lisbon, where they churn out more than 22,000 pastries each day with practised perfection. (Leite’s Culinaria)

Mai thai 

Although this is best sipped beachside, this polynesian-inspired cocktail is just as delicious on a lounge chair in the back garden. Careful though, it packs a tropical punch. Lime, pineapple and orange juice are combined with white rum, black rum and Cointreau. Take a sip, close your eyes and you just might find yourself on Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach. (Jamie Oliver)


A blend of both Turkish and Greek styles, this baklava recipe is made with pistachios, walnuts, pecans, honey, cinnamon and cardamom. To make it, alternate sheets of filo pastry with butter, then layer with a honeyed nut mixture and continue the pastry layering process. Bake until crisp and top with warm syrup made from honey and orange blossom water. (BBCGoodFood)


Potato gnocchi

This hearty pasta dish originates from Northern Italy, where potatoes were easier to grow than grain due to the colder climate. Resembling potato dumplings, gnocchi is surprisingly easy to make with just three ingredients: potatoes, flour and egg. It is best served with a simple tomato sauce, like in this recipe, but can also be served with pesto, butter or cream sauce. (An Italian in my Kitchen

Buffalo mozzarella pizza

Nothing quite beats Italian-styled pizza, especially that of the genius Italian chef Marco Gallotta, who currently heads ‘Gusto in Rome. His mouth-watering margherita pizza recipe leans toward the Neapolitan tradition with a thicker crust topped by tomato, basil and lots of creamy, fresh buffalo mozzarella. (Food and Wine

Feature image: Leite’s Culinaria



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