P. Macs

We resisted and held fast to our skepticism for a while but have eventually had to concede. P.Mac's is going to be our new haunt. While the central circuit that spreads between South Willy and George's Street is sprouting new eateries at an unprecedented rate (Super Miss Sue, The Drury Buildings) the dilemma one comes across continually is the ?cocktails or Grogans? one. Now there is a middle-man, a go between that offers an option between these two extremes, and his name is Macs - P. Macs. Taking up what once used to be Bia Bar, this watering hole is owned by the same guys who run Cassidy's on Westmoreland Street. That's the bad news. The good news is that this place serves up craft beers (don't ?ugh? us, you love them!) and the set up is really rather lovely. Mismatched chairs, big communal tables, pizza deals and good low-level lighting make this a new bar that is gimmick-free and comes with a nice crowd - neither office shirts nor scenesters. Extra brownie points for the Meanies you get for free with your drink, and for Bren the bar man who is sound.

On Stephen's Street opposite Super Miss Sue.



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