Organisers say the Galway Christmas Market will go ahead this year

The organisers of the Galway Christmas Market have said the event will take place this year in a 'Covid-friendly' manner

The City of the Tribes does Christmas like no other.

The music, the lights, the atmosphere and most importantly, the famous Christmas market. With coronavirus ruining all of our fun, we presumed the popular attraction would not be taking place this year.

However, the mastermind behind the event, Maria Moynihan Lee, has told the Connaught Tribune that it will go ahead.


She told the paper that planning has been underway since April and plans have been put in place to ensure it can proceed in line with a number of possible Covid-19 restrictions.


“What we’re doing is very detailed planning and working with the Council on making the market happen," she said. "It will be the same market in the way people know it to be and it will meet all expectations, but there will be a huge level of control... The control will come from how people are communicated with before they arrive and while they are here, and how you make use of the space.

“What we are focused on is not diminishing the offering but, rather, altering the way you access that offering. It’s about the quality of the experience not being diminished, while also ensuring the health and safety of people."

Ms Moynihan Lee added that the organisers' objective is to make people feel as comfortable as possible with measures that are easy to see but won't affect the attendees' experience.

Image: Galway Tourism


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