Opposites Attack: Shopaholic vs the fashion-phobe

Welcome to Opposites Attack; Image.ie's brand new debate series. Over the coming weeks, two members of our team will go head-to-head, tackling some of the biggest questions from the office kitchen. Today, we debate whether shopping is an enjoyable past-time or the epitome of hell.

Erin Lindsay, staff writer says:

I love shopping. I bloody love it. I often wish I didn't, for the sake of my wardrobe space and my bank balance, but unfortunately, I've never found a remedy for my love for it, and I doubt I ever will.

I think you could spot me as a shopaholic from a mile away, even as a child. I adore fashion and really believe in its power as a confidence builder. So seeking out new styles and trends, trying on items and falling in love with my new image was something I became enamoured with very early on, and I've kept it up ever since. And when online shopping came along, well, that was it.

I really see shopping as ony of my biggest hobbies, as unhealthy and somewhat vacuous as that might sound. Scrolling through pages of gorgeous clothes, separating the good from the great and creating imaginary outfits is so much fun. Now if I could find a way to enjoy all of that without actually hitting the checkout button, that would be great.


I do realise that when I talk about shopping, I always sound like a complete loon who is in thousands of euros of credit card debt. I assure you I'm not. I never spend more than I have, and I don't deprive myself of food or fun to shop for clothes. Really, it's the opposite - I buy clothes to make memories in. And even for the pieces I don't buy, admiring them from afar is more than enough for this fashion lover.

Grace McGettigan, staff writer says:

I know I’m in the minority when I say this, but shopping is my least favourite thing to do. I’d much rather sit through a dentist appointment than go hunting for a new dress or a fitted pair of skinny jeans. Fashion isn’t my forte. My interests lie in skin care; food, and travel. Clothes? Not so much.

It’s not that I don’t like to spend money; because I do. But I prefer to spend it on experiential things. This year alone, I have bought tickets to four comedians; two plays; one concert and lots of cinema screenings. Not to mention countless lunch and dinner dates. These are the things I get joy from. Shopping just gives me anxiety.

When I walk into a shop, I'm overwhelmed by the options. There’s no such thing as ‘just a dress’. There are bandeau dresses; bodycon dresses; pencil dresses; A-line dresses; shift dresses (what even are they?); skater dresses, and more. I don't know what style suits me best, or which styles I should avoid. Even if I do find something I like, there's the dilemma of, 'what jacket goes with this?' and 'will my shoes go with that?'

What's worse, the fitting room is curtain-clad hell. I got stuck in a sequin number in Bershka once. After 30 minutes of wriggling; silent tears; frantic texts and the thought that 'yes, I'm going to die in here', I came to the conclusion that shopping isn't for me. It may mean I wear the same four outfits in rotation, but so be it. Honestly, if I never see a fitting room again it will be too soon.



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