Making The Journey Forward, One Step At A Time

Anyone who is in recovery or seeking help for the first time should understand that an?addiction is a disease, and not in any way a moral failing, a weakness of willpower or a lack of ability to just say "no." Getting help from a professional is first step to a successful recovery. ?It won't happen overnight, but with the correct treatment and following the recommendations of experienced professionals, individuals will have the best chance at recovery and a bright, happy future.

One Step Clinic is Ireland's leading outpatient addiction treatment service. Dr Hugh Gallagher brings a wealth of experience having worked in the field of addiction for almost twenty years. Treatment offered is effective, evidence-based, non-judgemental and individually tailored for every client. The focus is on the individual, making them as comfortable as possible; the team is also devoted to reducing the stigma associated with addiction.

It can be difficult for many to understand why individuals become addicted to a substance or behaviour and naturally, it's complex; the brain effectively changes to foster addiction. One common belief is that individuals should be able to ?just stop,? but it's never that simple. To ?just stop? is no longer under the person's control, but there is life after addiction; it is treatable and with the right help, you can begin your journey forward once more.

At One Step Clinic, their'mission is to provide effective treatment to those seeking recovery from dependency to a substance or behaviour. All clients are treated individually; privacy and anonymity are an utmost priority. Every client will receive a personalised treatment plan and will be?looked after by a team of addiction specialists while attending One Step Clinic.


Treatment will vary depending on the type of substance or the behaviour. Matching treatment, interventions, and services to an individuals' particular problems and needs are critical to their recovery and success. Addiction is a chronic relapsing condition which affects families throughout Ireland and Dr Hugh, and his team have developed a collaborative approach to providing those that need it with the best possible care in dealing with their addictions so they can enjoy a fresh start.

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