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There are so many obscure wedding traditions; the white dress, the tiered cake, the 'something old, new and blue?. In the midst of planning, it's natural not to even notice the absurdity of these nuances. The evening will come however, when you're unwinding after selecting invitation fonts? and suddenly it will strike you; ?Why am I tying the knot??

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, eh? Symbolically, a sapphire sparkler actually equates to marital bliss. Therefore, any reports suggesting that Kate and William are on the rocks must be shunned. It's like they say; the bigger the sapphire, the happier the union. Obviously.


Keeping it regal, William's great-great-great-great granny Queen Victoria was the ultimate trendsetter, even in the 1840s. The original Queen V (apologies, Mrs. Beckham) was the first bride to wear white when she married the dapper Prince Albert. Prior to that, brides simply wore their best dress.

And why are wedding cakes so tall? A game, of course - where the couple kissed over a cake, to which tiers were added to until it reached their lips.

Superstitious? Break with tradition and get married on a Wednesday; it's considered the best day to say I Do. Alarmingly, Saturday is the unluckiest, which explains the shocking demise of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? union.

And a final few... ?tying the knot" refers to a common protocol for the hands of the bride and groom to be tied together, demonstrating the couple's commitment. ?Something Old? is an essential aspect of bridal attire, symbolizing continuity with the past. It also gives you the perfect excuse to ransack your granny's stash of vintage gems.

So there you have it; you're now ready to apply for Mastermind. Don't forget to break a part of the trophy off for us.

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