The Ultimate Old School LOVE Playlist

Songs these days; there's no denying it – they've lost a certain innocence about them. Way back when, crooners used to croon about eternal love, bringing your girl home to meet your mama, and Bette Davis eyes... And oh, how we swooned. Now all our pop idols want to do is brag about their multiple sexual conquests, or how much money they made in the last financial year. Nope, songs these days aren't a patch on the old school love songs of yesteryear.

So this year, what do you say to going back to the guys in matching pin-striped jackets and copycat comb-overs, to the shoo-bop girls and the beehive hair cuts? To simpler times when all you needed were brown eyes to keep a your love's attention, when there wasn't a single mountain high enough to keep me away from you (not actually me me, I'm just quoting a song here).

Let the old greats from the past serenade you like you deserve to be serenaded. Because for the duration of this playlist, YOU have the most beautiful Bette Davis eyes we have ever seen.

The IMAGE Old School LOVE Playlist on Spotify


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